Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Filner Headlock Exposed

Mere words cannot do justice to the abusive and degrading maneuver commonly called the Filner Headlock.  Consequently, please heed this important warning:
 The following photo essay is explicit and revealing.  It is not intended for the fainthearted or for adults and/or children with unusually delicate or immature sensibilities.
However, for the stouthearted among us I ask you to take a peek at a variety of permutations of the infamous headlock technique ascribed to our mayor. 

Then I ask you to select the picture that corresponds most closely to your mental image of what a Filner Headlock really is.  Would it be a:

girly-girl headlock?

rough stuff  headlock?
 don't you worry headlock?
phone sex headlock?
gotcha headlock?

interracial headlock?
sweetie-pie headlock?
hoopster headlock?
 gone golfing headlock?
got your sunblock headlock?

same sex headlock?
what's-sauce-for-the-goose headlock?

 or maybe an old-fashioned headlock?