Monday, March 25, 2013

Spare us from our good boys

You’ve already read my take on bad boys. Now it’s time to flip the coin and ponder San Diego’s good boys. 

Lately, good boys have been coming out of the woodwork.  You can spot them a mile away by their gee-whiz grins and GQ grooming.  Their toothy, soulful smiles can break your heart.  Of course they’re super-civil and never raise their voices in public.  You wouldn’t hesitate to bring these dewy-eyed boys home to meet your momma. 

Don’t do it!  What you see is NOT what you get from these two-dimensional paper dolls… Stepford wives in drag.  Who are these people, you ask?  

Let’s start with the godfather of them all:

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Is it heartburn or the stirrings of true love?

What you always wanted to know...

One time or another we've all experienced that unsettled, mid-gut sensation.  Strangely, it always feels the same -- whether the cause is dread, pleasurable anticipation, or a pesty upset stomach. 

This affliction has gone viral ever since San Diego elected a mayor who happens to possess the following attributes: 
  • the habit of straight-talk (Bob Filner says it aloud whenever the emperor has no clothes) 
  • common sense (he deals with obvious, ordinary facts and cuts through subterfuge)
  • an agenda oriented toward the broad public welfare (good jobs, neighborhood benefits, local representation, face-to--face interaction)
  • independence (no kowtowing to the established and influential downtown elite)
  • a sense of humor (sometimes going for the jugular)
  • an openly-admitted tendency toward intolerance (specifically targeting local corporate welfare schemes and generous financial giveaways, as well as noxious air, water, and neighborhood pollution)
  • ambitious ideas to create a healthy, vibrant, diversified economy and cultural environment in San Diego (maritime/port development, top-notch understanding of the benefits of binational coordination, going 'green,' reinvigorating community planning and regeneration, stringent standards for city contracts, endorsement of  'the arts')
Yes, Bob Filner is giving a lot of San Diego greybeards a bad case of heartburn.  How?