Thursday, March 24, 2016

When is a headlock not a headlock? Maybe when it's called a chokehold

A friend phoned me yesterday to let me know that I was called out by name during the second day of testimony at the civil trial of former-mayor Bob Filner, who has been accused by a city parks employee of putting her in a "headlock."  Or maybe it was a "chokehold." Or maybe both.

Barney Google of the goo-goo-googley eyes!
Also of stroking her arm.  And of surreptitiously grazing her breast by letting his left elbow strategically droop.

And if I heard correctly, there was something about a "leer."  They even threw in the old-time word "ogle."

My friend told me I could watch the court proceeding on youtube and see for myself.  Which I promptly did.  And sure enough... 

Now, why the plaintiff’s lawyer chose to name my name when questioning a witness is a big mystery to me.

But it was no mystery when the lawyer asked defendent Bob Filner if he knew the answer to a certain question.  I jumped out of my chair shouting at my computer, I DO! I DO!  

This was the plaintiff lawyer's question: "Do you understand what a headlock is?"

It just so happens that barely three years ago I published a photo essay on this very subject.  For readers who might still be in the dark about these matters, I'm taking the liberty of reprinting The Filner Headlock Exposed.   Be sure to click here.

Monday, March 21, 2016

San Diego's multi-headed beast: an up-close look at the Briggs/Frye "Citizens' Plan" initiative