Monday, February 25, 2013

Wish I could have written this

 Here's an article I wish I could have written.  Thanks go to Jim Miller and the San Diego Free Press.  Click here for the full story.
...Mayor Bob Filner is now engaged in an intense struggle with City Attorney Jan Goldsmith, big hoteliers, and the UT-San Diego because he has refused to sign off on the sweetheart deal negotiated by his predecessor whose legacy is quickly evaporating as you read this.  Specifically, Filner wants legal protections for the city if the dubious deal goes to court, a shorter tourism marketing agreement, a cut of hotel fees for city services, and a living wage for hotel employees.

Other than their questionable notion that the 2% tourist surcharge is not a tax, the real agenda behind the attack on Filner is San Diego’s elites’ desire to maintain their privilege and the advantages that have come to them from decades of shadow government.

As Mike Davis, Kelly Mayhew, and I wrote in the introduction to Under the Perfect Sun, “San Diego has too frequently been a town wide open to greed but closed to social justice. Like its Sunbelt siblings—Orange County, Phoenix, and Dallas—it has a long history of weak and venal city halls dominated by powerful groups of capitalist insiders.  ‘Private Government’ has long overshadowed public politics.”

More recently in Paradise Plundered: Fiscal Crisis and Governance Failure in San Diego, Steve Erie, Vladimir Kogan, and Scott MacKenzie similarly illustrate how San Diego’s political and business elite have done a fantastic job of “using public resources to maximize private profit” with little to no oversight from our “shadow governments.”

What Filner is doing here is important and historic: he is standing up to the entitled private interests who have run San Diego for its entire history.  He is saying no to shadow government, plain and simple.  For this, he deserves to be praised.

In essence, the war against our new mayor is a class war.  Filner has upset the apple cart of San Diego politics and threatens to end the reign of private government that enriches powerful interests by using public resources as a piggy bank for the affluent.  They rigged the game, made the rules, and now they think it’s outrageous that anyone has the temerity to challenge them–even if he is the democratically elected strong mayor of the city.

The argument driven by the UT-San Diego and echoed in much of the San Diego media that Filner is the problem because he is uncivil is a pathetic joke.  You should take it as an insult to your intelligence. What is truly offensive here is the level of entitlement that many of the city’s moneyed interests and Doug Manchester’s mouthpiece have and how readily much of the rest of the local media serves as an echo chamber when they cry foul just because they have to deal with a mayor who is more interested in the public interest than private profit.

Sanders and the long legacy of weak to criminal mayors that he belongs to was the embarrassment, not Filner.  They brought us government by and for the 1%.  But perhaps the hue and cry emanating from San Diego’s corporate crew needs to be put into context.  So, before you get all hot and bothered at the terrible prospect of the tourism industry being forced to be accountable, pay living wages, and give something back to the city, let’s review the current state of affairs nationally and locally and see who has really been getting away with economic murder...

...And, importantly, despite our city’s relentless boosterism, “The tourism industry had the lowest median earnings in 2011, $24,422 for a year of full-time work.”   That’s just a bit above the poverty level for a family of four, hardly the stuff that dreams are made of in “the world’s greatest country and America’s finest city.”  Low wages such as that sound a lot more like what keeps our local economy running for the benefit of the city’s elite while the rest of us struggle.

Thus Mayor Filner’s insistence that the tourism industry should be obliged to pay living wages is a righteous argument.  His belief that industries that get public subsidies give back is also a just and eminently reasonable position.  And his concern that any deal that benefits the tourism industry also needs to be clearly good for the city legally and economically is both correct and a breath of fresh air.  If he is successful we’ll get a deal that will help create better jobs and lift all of us up at the same time.

So of course those very elite and the local politicians and media that have buttered their bread for time immemorial are howling with outrage because San Diego’s new mayor is holding them accountable.  Much like the perpetually enraged Republicans at the national level they just can’t master the fact that they lost the election.  And even some of the weak Democrats on the City Council just can’t seem to understand that they shouldn’t keep operating by the old rules.

Sorry guys, you’re not running America’s Finest Tourist Plantation anymore.  If you are going to get $30 million in public funds to promote your industry, you need to give back and pay a living wage to your workers.  Period.

Shame on all of them for whining, but shame on all of us too if we allow the tabloid ready, petty, personality-based news coverage in the local media to bring down the mayor as he stands up to the real bullies in town who are determined to keep profiting at all our expense whether we are their underpaid workers or taxpayers made to fund the promotion of private greed.

The truth is that, warts and all, Mayor Filner represents a new day in San Diego.  If you believe that our government needs to be open and accountable and that the interests of social justice are more important than Manchester and company’s bottom line, then you should support him.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Top dog

I suppose there are women who would do battle to become the queen bee (Lorena Gonzalez flies to mind) but they're the exception, not the rule.  On the other hand, the lineup of San Diego males practicing back-stabbing techniques to become emperor… potentate… sultan…snakes the entire length of I-805 and back again.  

Our local warriors come in different shapes and modes -- from the programmed-android Carl DeMaio... to the sybarite Doug Manchester... to the changeling-striver Nathan Fletcher... to the overweening Jan Goldsmith... to the Brutus-clone Todd Gloria (why he'd identify with James Mason instead of Marlon Brando is beyond me).  They're panting hard at the prospect of unseating the obstinate Bob Filner, on whose head the crown currently rests.

It's not even springtime past the 2012 November election but the word is trickling out that 2014 (just around the corner) is the year of choice for a pitched battle to recall Mayor Filner

Friday, February 15, 2013

Getting away with murder (part II)

Some of my friends think I pick on San Diego unfairly.  They ask me, Don't all cities have a similar quotient of greed, corruption, mediocrity, deceit, and political blowhards as we have in San Diego?

I won't equivocate.  The answer is...yes. 

So why single out our city? Because San Diego is unique in one peculiar respect: we practice an overweening reverence for gentility.  We lionize propriety.  We relish an identity as America's finest, nicest city.  Some guys might even stretch the description and say we're pussy-whipped.  But the more orthodox label for our singular compliance is civility.

San Diego is obsessed with civility.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Getting away with murder

New series: What you always wanted to know

Dear NumbersRunnner,
This question has been on my mind for a long time but it's one I've been afraid to ask: How come so many San Diegans get away with murder?    Yours truly, TQ (Timid Questioner)

 Dear TQ: Murder is a serious allegation.  If you'll settle for the lesser charge of white-collar crime (the FBI says it means "lying, cheating, and stealing…the full range of frauds committed by business and government professionals…"), you need only take a look at some of Don Bauder's investigative stories about our hometown white-collar crooks. 

But yes, when it comes to San Diego miscreants of a political persuasion these guys really DO get away with murder – both the metaphorical and bloody types. 

Consider the case histories of two recently-departed politicians -- ex-mayor Jerry Sanders and ex-councilmember Tony Young.  Both are now sheltered in the cushy bosom of our city's witness protection program, aka the San Diego Chamber of Commerce and the Red Cross, with annual salaries of over $300,000 and $200,000, respectively.

Mayor Jerry Sanders was delivered into the plump arms