Thursday, March 3, 2011

San Diego in 3D

Flying into Lindbergh is a trip! No matter how many times you fly back home there’s always some new sight you never noticed before -- a reservoir, cluster of houses, high school football field, freeway interchange. Each time it's a different revelation.
These bird’s-eye views rearrange and energize our thoughts, if only for a few minutes. Once we touch ground what happens? Instant reversion to a two-dimensional frame of mind. Find the car, speed down the freeway, unlock the front door, check for phone messages. Usual routine, same old groove.

A fresh perspective on San Diego’s political scene could also be a trip! Energizing. Enlightening. Useful. A new frame of reference can expose things you never noticed before. Reveal alternative routes. Surprise you. And this is the best part: you'll never want to settle for the same old groove again.

This is where NumbersRunner comes in. The goal? To provide a responsible, three-dimensional perspective of San Diego’s political landscape to figure out what's really going on in our city. Reliable information may be only half the battle in resolving local problems, but without it we're sunk.
We don't have to be sitting ducks. Or fish in a barrel. We can take the initiative. I invite you to become a regular reader of NumbersRunner.